About Us

Formerly known as Hidden Soul, Hermosa opened its doors in 2003 in Maryland. However, our company also has an extensive background in the clothing business in Colombia, South America. After test marketing our products and receiving a favorable response from girls and young women, we opened two locations in Maryland.

Customers Are Our Top Priority

At our family-run business, we are driven by a fierce desire for quality and customer satisfaction. With a combined 30 years of experience in the retail market, our leadership team is highly knowledgeable in the fashion industry and truly understands our customers’ needs. This extensive knowledge of both the products we carry and the customers we serve really gives us an advantage over our competitors.

We have developed a strong group of loyal customers simply by meeting their needs through consistently great service and products. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide personalized service to every customer. It is our aim that you find the perfect product to help shape your body and life.