Privacy Policy

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Hermosa is committed to respect the privacy rights of all the site users and of the clients who register in this website. These policies describe how Hermosa collects, protects and uses the information received.

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Privacy Policy

Hermosa will not retain any of its clients’ personal information (name, address, phone, email) unless it is voluntarily released. We will retain only the personal information that you provide to get to know your needs and likes. This will help us to enhance our products and better serve you. It is also possible that Hermosa saves some information about your previous purchases so we can customize our page according to your specific needs. We will send you information related to our products and special offers via email if you subscribe to do so. If you want to stop receiving our emails, you will be able to do so, by sending an email to


Hermosa’s webpage does not intend to collect any information from children younger than 16 years old. If for any reason some parents or guardians have provided us children information, they should send us an email to letting us know that we need to remove the child’s information.

It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to guide, monitor and control how a child access and what content they browse while navigating the internet. This site uses very specific and detailed depictions of the human body and some imagery may be considered objectionable by some. Hermosa is not liable for content viewed by unsupervised minors.


When you get into Hermosa’s webpage, some information will be downloaded in your computer as “cookies” or similar files. “Cookies” enable, among other things, our webpage and our advertising to be customized according to the needs and wants of our customers. Cookies are not harmful. These files will not damage your computers and your personal information can not be retrieved through “cookies.”

If you want to disable “cookies”, most web browsers will let you erase them from your computer’s hard drive. You can also prevent “cookies” from being stored and you will receive a signal before “cookies” are downloaded. You should read your web browser’s instructions in order to learn more about these functions.


Your information’s safety is very important for Hermosa. Because of our advanced technology we can guarantee that your personal information will be protected on the sending and storage process throughout. We also use Digital Secure Server Identification in order to provide you with the best Internet protection technology. Our database is securely stored and protected against non-authorized access.

There is not 100% secure information in the Internet. This is why we can not guarantee that your personal information will be completely safe. Nevertheless Hermosa will always try to protect your personal information using all the possible methods known to us. You have to take into account that keeping your user name and password and any other personal information secret, is your responsibility.


We can not certify that the personal information that you send to other web pages linked to ours will be protected. These external web pages are just linked to ours, but operate independently.

Terms Acceptance

By using this webpage it is implied that you agree with our Safety and Privacy Terms. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please do not use Hermosa’s website. Hermosa has the right to change these terms, so you must check them constantly. If you keep using Hermosa’s web site, you are implying that you accept our Safety and Privacy terms. For more information please contact us at