Q: What to do if the garment I purchased is the wrong size?
A: We gladly exchange it, to avoid the hassle of exchanges choose the correct size, take your waist, and hip measurements and compare to our size charts guide. ( see the size chart guide)

Q: How do I try the garment and make sure I do not get it dirty or damage just in case I need to exchange it.
A: We recommend for you to have your skin clean without perfumes, body lotions, deodorants, oils, etc. furthermore used a pantyhose, to try on the garment. Because it is a control garment, the girdle has a degree of difficulty to put it on. For this reason, you must be patient and put it little by little helping the material to go up without pulling it too hard, specially in areas where it has lace. Be careful with nails, jewelry, and pointed objects. Hold the garment with your fingers.

 Q: How do I choose my size for the body shaper?
A:To make sure that you are choosing the correct size, you must take your measurements of your waist and hips. If this is your first time, we recommended getting one size up of your measurements. If you purchase a garment with 3 lines of hooks or more, made sure your start on the first line. Later on, you
could go to the next hook.  see the size chart guide.

 Q: Can the body shaper help me with back pain? 
A:Yes, in most cases the body shaper will help relieve back pain because their level of control improves the posture that is one of the main causes of back pain.

5: Q:How do I wash my body shaper?
Hand wash. Air dry or hang dry. No washer, No dryer. Use mild detergent. No fabric softeners.

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