Myths and Truths about Shapewear

Francisco Escobar ·

Myths and Truths about Shapewear | Hermosa Fajas


Does shapewear really work?
TRUTH – The purpose of the accessory is to change the shape of the silhouette, make the posture more upright and reduce the waist circumference.

Does shapewear make you slimmer?
MYTH – Prolonged use of the girdle remodels the waist, however it does not cause weight loss. It helps to reduce measurements of the area used. To lose weight, it is necessary to combine a healthy diet, physical exercises and the use of a modeling belt. In this way, she will be more of an ally.

Continuous use keeps the body better distributed?
TRUTH – In the long term, daily use of the girdle, for the time recommended by experts, can definitively shape the body and reduce measurements.

Sleeping with the girdle models the waist faster?
MYTH - In addition to not bringing benefits, it is not recommended to use the strap while sleeping. Avoid it as much as possible, as it can disrupt the movement of the diaphragm, in addition to causing constipation and poor digestion.

Can girdle cause health problems?
TRUTH – Wearing extremely tight belts constantly and for a long period of time can cause breathing or circulation problems. Especially in people with a predisposition to any of these conditions.


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