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How to Put On Your Girdle - 5 Steps!

  Our video has helped over 445,000 people on YouTube! Instructions in Spanish with English subtitles. Click here to check it out on YouTube!    Here is a summary: 1. Fold the silicon part up to avoid that it sticks to your skin. 2. Proceed to put on the girdle being sure to place your glutes inside and pulling the fabric towards the ends. 3. Accommodate your leg making sure that you have all your glutes on the inside. 4. Roll up the sleeves of your girdle (or suspenders, depending on the design). 5. Close your girdle making sure you adjust it as well as the straps to suit you.  

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Do you feel comfortable in tight clothes?

  Do you feel comfortable in tight clothes? Well, you should. But if you don't, then you need to start changing your habits now and stick with them patiently looking for the long-run. Eat healthier and exercise. It sounds simple but it is not easy because you need to do it everyday. One thing to keep in mind is: you don't need to be perfect, you just need to improve. If you change just a little bit you'll already be in the right direction towards your goal and you'll notice changes in the future. But I know you want to see these changes now. That's why you should then consider using body shapers. It's not a solution for your problem, so take care...

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What are Fajas Colombianas?

What are Fajas Colombianas? Being a combination of words often thrown around, what exactly is this shapewear? What makes it different?   To begin with, the term "Faja Colombianas" is the Spanish equivalent of specialized shapewear and has been a Colombian shapewear staple, only now receiving recognition and being embraced by other countries and regions as a novel and unique way to form the figure.  But just what makes them so highly regarded? What makes them unique, and how did they come under the spotlight? From their post-operative use in the medical history to its various renditions and services, Hermosa goes over what makes Fajas Colombianas the best investment in shapewear.  It's Origins - It's History Before becoming commonly worn...

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