What are Fajas Colombianas?

Francisco Escobar ·
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Being a combination of words often thrown around, what exactly is this shapewear? What makes it different?

To begin with, the term "Faja Colombianas" is the Spanish equivalent of specialized shapewear and has been a Colombian shapewear staple, only now receiving recognition and being embraced by other countries and regions as a novel and unique way to form the figure. 

But just what makes them so highly regarded? What makes them unique, and how did they come under the spotlight?

From their post-operative use in the medical history to its various renditions and services, Hermosa goes over what makes Fajas Colombianas the best investment in shapewear. 

It's Origins - It's History

Before becoming commonly worn and regarded as everyday shapewear, Fajas Colombianas began as garments with medical purposes. Used as medical-grade postoperative wear for patients recovering from liposuction and other nip tuck routines, people essentially used them to aid in faster recovery, reduce swelling, and to allow the skin to tighten properly.

Fajas colombianas were adopted by Latina women seeking an hourglass-shaped, curvy figure, having a tighter and firmer hold than the standard girdles in the market. These fajas only took off from there. 

While many body shapers are manufactured in China with cheaper and lighter materials, authentic fajas colombianas are manufactured in Colombia from more robust, durable fabrics, such as Powernet. In short, fajas colombianas are unparalleled.